How to Disable Voice Typing in Whatsapp

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How to Disable Voice Typing in Whatsapp

Príspevok od užívateľa jamesmosen » 24 Okt 2022, 12:23

If you enabled voice typing in WhatsApp but do not find it up to the mark, disable voice typing in WhatsApp. The benefit of digital times is that we can undo-redo changes in everything.Similarly, you can also undo, that is disable the enabled voice typing feature. Let us get going in the process. You will also find an alternative method to do the process after the main steps.
Go to the FMWhatsApp apk directly to start implementing the steps.
You can go ahead with the procedure by simply clicking on any of the chats. Do not worry. The settings will be applicable to all even if you do it through one chat.
You must click on the chatbox after opening the chat to enable the keyboard. The voice typing feature is embedded with the keyboard. Thus, you have to click on the settings icon that is attached on top of the keyboard itself.

Here you can see that there is a mic available beside the three-dot option on the keyboard. This means that the voice type feature is active.
Click on the voice typing option to go further.
The option of Use Voice Typing should be off. That is it should be on the left side to disable it.

Go back to the chat and you will see that the mic option is no more available along with the keyboard. Thus, you were successful in turning it off.